How To Choose The Best Photo For Puzzle

Are you planning to have a photo puzzle created to be gifted to someone or for your own family to be used as a family pastime? Make sure that you choose the right photo for your photo puzzle or your custom puzzle. Wrong choice of photos can result in poor quality photo puzzles.

Though technically you can convert all the photos into photo puzzles or custom jigsaw puzzles, you will have to take into consideration a number of factors if you want the best photo puzzles created. Here are some tips for choosing your photo for the picture puzzles. Quality – The quality of the photo should be good for good photo puzzles. Most photo puzzles companies will ask you to send your photos in digital format. Now that most of us own digital cameras, this should not be a problem. However, the resolution of the photos that you send to your photo puzzles company should be high. Photos with high resolution will create better photo puzzles than low resolution photos. Normally, there will be a minimum file size required for your photos to be converted to puzzles. Your file size should be at least 800kb to create good quality prints.

How To Choose The Best Photo For Puzzle Theme - When it comes to photo puzzles, you have unlimited options. You can choose just about any photo for your photo puzzle as long as they are of good quality. It is the theme of the photo puzzle that makes it interesting to someone. When you are ordering photo puzzle to be gifted to someone, make sure that you choose something based on your loved one’s tastes or areas of interest. If you have a kid that loves cars, then you can choose your photos on the most popular sports cars or his favorite sports car.

Complexity – This is another factor that you should consider while choosing your photo for your photo puzzles or custom puzzles. Choosing portrait type photos will be suitable for a beginner whereas choosing highly colorful scenery that you have captured on your vacation can be used for advanced level photo puzzle. The complexity of the photos that you choose should be based on the age group of the person to which you will be gifting the puzzle. If you want to convert the photo into puzzle postcards, choose a simple photo. Puzzle postcards will have minimum number of pieces and the photos that you choose should therefore be selected accordingly.

Whatever be the theme or the complexity level, make sure that you use photos with highest resolution levels for your photo puzzles so that you can get perfect puzzles. Discuss with your photo puzzles company and if required send your photos for their review before placing your order so that you will not be disappointed with the final quality of the photo puzzle you order.